Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Try Me" Thursday #1: Those Fish Sticks!

Okay, I think I've gone on enough about the fish sticks, so here is our review on them.  We tried them for lunch and the response was average.  Here's the box:

"Fit & Active" is Aldi's "healthy" product line of foods.  A few years ago, there wasn't much available, but over the years, they have made quite a few products in healthier versions or comparable to name brand products.  One that comes to mind is the 100 calorie packs of cookies, such as Oreos or Chips Ahoy.  Aldi has the same kind of product, only, as we all know by now, much cheaper!  This week and next week, their "special buys" (which, by the way, I think I'm going to begin referring to as "SB" only not with quotation marks anymore) are Fit & Active products (how about we call those "F&A"?), most likely due to January being the month of the year everyone tries to eat healthier.  So, as I said previously, these were not in my menu, but when I saw them I wanted to try them.  

This package was $2.99 and I don't remember now how much regular fish sticks are, so I can't compare.  There are about 30 in a box, which is about 3 lunches for us.  Out of the box, they looked just like regular old fish sticks:

I followed the instructions exactly as written:  Preheat oven to 425, bake 8 minutes, turn over, bake 8 more minutes.  Here's what they looked like cooked:

I know, they look sticks!  The girls' response was mixed.  Jessa wasn't crazy about them, but she did eat her three.  Emma liked them and ate 5 I think.  I ate a couple and thought they tasted like regular fish sticks.  I was disappointed in the actual fish inside the crunchy coating, it was a formed stick of fish, kinda processed but again, not unlike other fish sticks we've had.  It seems like the only frozen breaded fish that really looks like real fish are the "planks," each piece is much bigger and they usually have a batter-type coating on them.  Just for kicks, or because I like taking pictures of food, here's Jessa's lunch plate:

So, would I buy again?  Yes, if they are the same price as regular fish sticks.  The nutritional stats really aren't that impressive enough for me to buy them if they are more expensive.  Only 3 grams of fat less than regular fish sticks.  Since the girls eat them, not me, it's not that big of a deal to me.  We only eat them maybe once a week, if that much.

BUT, try the F&A items at Aldi.  You may find a product that you really like.  I've tried their egg substitute, yogurt smoothies, meal protein bars, rice cakes, 100 calorie packs, and more I'm sure, all with great results.  

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