Sunday, January 23, 2011

Menu Plan for the week of 1/24/11 to 1/30/11

Breakfasts:  still eating cereal and oatmeal, but I think all odd bits and pieces of breakfast foods are cleaned out of the freezer!  John has requested Snow Day Doughnuts, plus we'll probably have some bagel breakfast sandwiches, since there's a bag of bagels sitting on my counter!

Lunches: Trying a couple of new lunches:  grilled peanut butter and banana, turkey roll-ups, pigs in a blanket, plus our usuals, mac and cheese, leftovers, etc...


Mon., 1/24:  Soup, Salad, or Sandwich:  Didn't get to White Chicken Chili last week, so it's been moved to this week!
Tues., 1/25:  Also didn't make the Pork Tenderloin with potatoes and carrots, so here it is
Wed., 1/26:  Breakfast Casserole for Supper:  I have a box of cranberry pecan stuffing mix in the pantry (from Aldi--it was a SB this past fall) that  has been taunting me for months!  I saw this recipe and I'm going to try it--it might work, or it might be a huge failure!  We'll see!
Thurs., 1/27: Tried and True (could also be Ethnic, but I have another ethnic): Tostadas
Fri., 1/28:  Pizza: Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Sat., 1/29: Ethnic: Ground Beef Lo Mein, this recipe with a little tweaking
Sun., 1/30: Leftovers

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