Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trip #4...

Trip #4 is on the books and I guess that also means that one month is down, too!  We are doing great and enjoying the "adventure" so far.  This week they had a few good produce deals, so I got a couple of things.  I've had some questions about Aldi produce, so I want to talk a little about that tomorrow; maybe clear up some questions and offer a couple of tips.  If anyone reading (haha, the four people that read this...) has a tip as well, please let me know!

Actually, I had a comment a couple of days ago with a GREAT tip.  Remember how I said I didn't find canned green chiles last week?  Well, this comment said that around Cinco de Mayo (May 5), they have them, probably as a special buy.  Anyway, this is when she stocks up on them.  Yay!  Great to know, huh?

Speaking of another special item--let's talk swiss cheese!  Wow, exciting stuff!  I think it's a special buy that they have a couple of times a year, in block, not shredded, form.  I had noticed it for awhile, but didn't need any and it was $1.99.  Well, on Monday it was .99 a block, a great price!  I bought two blocks for the freezer, and if they have any left next week, I'll probably get a couple more.  That will last us until it's available again.  The markdown probably means that they're getting rid of it for awhile.  So look for it if you like it--it will probably be .99--but not for long!

Okay, here's what I bought:
frozen french fries
frozen breaded chicken breasts
string cheese
turkey lunchmeat
low fat vanilla yogurt
shredded colby jack cheese
shredded cheddar cheese
biscuits (I call these "whack" biscuits, you know the little ones in a can)
light cream cheese
grape tomatoes
corn tortillas
roll sausage
coffee creamer
red onions
Kit-Kat bar (what???!??!  How did that get in there....)
can of crescent rolls
two blocks of swiss cheese
2 dozen eggs
breadsticks and cheese

Here's the picture, with a cute little helper, I might add:

A couple of things kept falling over when I was taking pictures, and Jessa kept saying, "uh-oh" and tried to keep it all picked up...too cute...
Here's the receipt:

Okay, tomorrow, let's talk produce!

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