Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Plan and Trip #2 a day early...

Due to the approaching "blizzard" tomorrow and Tuesday, I decided to go to Aldi today, on Sunday, so I had to create my menu plan a day early.  By the way, Aldi closes at 7:00 on Sunday, so it's easy to go in the afternoon when kiddos are napping.  Maybe I'll make that my usual shopping day.  Anyway, due to my menu using some stuff I have on hand already, I had a little room in my budget this week and even made up for my overage last week!

Here's a picture of this week's trip:

And here's a list of what I purchased:

chocolate chip granola bars
100 calorie cocoa roast almonds *SB*
hamburger buns
mandarin orange chicken (frozen meal)
tater tots
frozen chicken breasts
sweet and sour sauce *SB*
horseradish sauce *SB*
french fried onions *Seasonal Item*
plain bagels
canned biscuits
2 boxes mac and cheese
chicken bouillon cubes
"laughing cow" cheese--Aldi brand *SB*
low fat cream cheese
flour tortillas
whipped topping
instant chocolate pudding
baking powder
cream of celery soup

Several things were SBs, and some were seasonal items.  As we know, its best to get those things when you see them, if you want them.  I did not have any of these SBs on my list, but I was looking for the 100 calorie almond packs and of course, the laughing cow cheese, which I was pretty excited to find.  I sure the other shoppers thought I was nuts squealing in delight over cheese!  Probably.  I wasn't expecting to find the sweet and sour sauce and the horseradish sauce, but I bought it because we really like Aldi's egg rolls and that would be nice to go with them (Aldi is kind of lax in the Asian department) and John likes horseradish.  Seasonal items, like the french fried onions, are a little different.  They are limited in availability, but come back at the same time year after year.  Usually at the end of the season, they are marked down, too.  You can get some even better prices than usual if you keep your eyes open for these.  You probably won't see the fall seasonal items until September or so.  

I didn't take a picture of my receipt, and I also bought a little heater (for Luke and Jessa's room--it gets chilly in there some nights) for $14.99 BUT my food total was.....$43.55!  Woo-hoo!  For all that!  

I wanted to also talk for a minute about buying other stuff at Aldi, such as kitchen and cleaning supplies, paper products, etc.  A couple of people have asked me about it.  I do buy lots of that stuff at Aldi.  For cleaning supplies, I've bought the dishwashing soap, sponges, bleach, dishwashing detergent, and I'm sure other stuff that I can't think of right now, all with great results.  I've bought almost all the common paper products, too, such as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, and have been pleased with those things.  I also use their plastic wrap, foil, and ziploc/sandwich bags.  I find that most of these things ARE cheaper at Aldi, but not Sam's.  Some things I do buy at Sam's, usually tp, paper towels, trash bags, and laundry and dishwashing detergent, because they are cheaper and I have the storage for those, but I don't have a lot of extra storage, so I don't buy everything in bulk.  

If I'm picky about anything, its diapers and wipes.  I have to admit that I'm pretty loyal to Pampers, both with diapers and wipes.  I am so spoiled to have my mom and grandma who have kept me stocked with these things since Luke was born!  I think I've only bought diapers ONCE and wipes once or twice!  And they keep me stocked for BOTH Jessa and Luke.  I know, I'm very lucky.  Combined with sales and coupons, you can get diapers and wipes for even cheaper than Sam's, but you have to be on top of it and pay attention to the sales and where they are--something which my sweet grandma and mom have time for and I do not!! In a pinch, Aldi's wipes and diapers will work, but they are definitely NOT my first choice!  Although, I will say that their wipes are great for keeping in the car to clean up hands and faces, just not soft little baby bottoms!! ;) 

Okay, well, thanks everyone for reading, and if you have any other questions about Aldi, or specific items, ask away!

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