Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trip #3 plus a couple of other things...

I made Trip #3 to Aldi late afternoon on Monday.  Our store didn't seem busy, but they were already out of a couple of things, including eggs.  I really don't want to have to make another trip there this week, so we'll see what happens.  I think we have about 8-9 eggs right now, which won't last long!!! 

Before the trip details, I wanted to say that I made the Veggie Cheese Soup tonight, and it got rave responses from everyone, even Luke!  The reason for all the steamed veggies in our menus lately is due to the fact that I bought a HUGE bag of mixed veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, orange carrots and yellow (??) carrots--from Sam's during December.  I actually bought it in case we needed it for Fawn and Charlie's anniversary dinner (on Dec. 29; we were feeding about 20 people) and we didn't.  SO, I knew I had better cook with it asap or it would be sitting in my freezer taking up space for the next 6 months.  I have been including veggies with a lot of meals.  The girls are getting a little tired of them, and the bag is about half gone, so I'll probably lay off of them for a week.  BUT, they were great in the soup.  I got out my trusty hand blender and pureed them in the soup (the chunks were pretty big, and I have to admit that cauliflower is NOT my favorite), which was the right move.  It thickened it up enough so I didn't have to use cornstarch or even a whole cup of milk, just about a half cup.  I also used up some assorted cheese I had in the fridge, including some low fat cheese, cheddar cheese, and Aldi Velveeta.  A note about Aldi's version of Velveeta:  I have found that it has a good taste if melted in soup, but it also takes much longer to melt (weird, huh?), and is stronger tasting, so you could use less of it--even up to half of the amount less.  Just my opinion, but that's what this whole blog is, I guess!

OKAY, on to the trip!  Here's a picture of everything:

Woah, big picture!  Okay, here it is:
creamer (hazelnut and cinnamon vanilla *Seasonal Item*)
frozen apple juice
ricotta cheese *SB*
parmesan cheese
sweet onion salsa (refrigerated)
frozen sweet corn
black beans
salted butter
lite garlic toast (frozen) *SB*
alfredo sauce
spaghetti sauce
whole wheat spaghetti
tomato sauce
monterey jack cheese
black olives
whole almonds *Seasonal Item*
ground beef
pork tenderloin 
frozen maple sausage patties

Again, no pic of the receipt, but my pre-tax total was...guess what....EXACTLY $50!!!  Woo-hoo!  Are those some budget shopping skills or what??!??!?

I discovered that Aldi does NOT have chopped green chiles, white beans, and that almonds are a seasonal item; who would have thought?  I have also decided that I will definitely try to make my own bagels, a bag of FIVE bagels is $1.89!  That's crazy, considering they're made out of flour, water, yeast, and sugar.  I found a recipe and I'm going to try it this week.  It's this one.  John makes the best breakfast sandwiches with bagels, but that may not matter anyway BECAUSE we won't have that many eggs!  

Well, I think I've gone on enough for one post...good night all and stay warm the next couple of days; more snow is coming our way!


  1. I'm enjoying your blog Melissa! Just got home from Aldi's myself. I tried the happy farms cheese that you recommended. At first I was not that crazy about it but after a few more bites (on thin wheat crackers) decided it really was quite tasty! I also bought Butter Spokatislkfsdkjflksjdfkiii...I don't know how it is spelled...on the front it says "crisp and rich butter cookies" Sounded wonderful and was cheap! They are in the freezer now...I will use them for SOMETHING but they are neither rich OR crisp! Sometimes it works, sometimes not! :)

  2. I got the LC like cheese to try - so hope I like it well enough. They have some dark chocolate/shortbread cookies for 1.49 that ware DEVINE! Not sure if its a SB or seasonal. I bought 3 boxes juist incase - they have 9 cookies in them , but its mommy only treat with a cup of joe (Decaff Aldi brand).

    Have you tried their diapers and or wipes?

    Oh the HE laundry detergent has a weird smell with the clothes are dry - so that is NOT a winner!

  3. Thanks, Jeanette, and I think the cheese will be okay, just different from LC. As for the cookies, IDK, maybe a cookie crust, lol??

    CD, I think we've had those cookies before, are they little shortbread like cookies on the top, with chocolate on the bottom? If so, they're a regular item, in fact, one of the things I first bought at my first experience with Aldi in Germany! I've tried their wipes...I talk about it somewhere else on the blog...they're not my fav, good for hands and faces but not tushies, and I've just used a couple of their dipes, same, thin, "plasticy"--fine for a "just in case" but I'm a pretty devoted Pampers mom!

  4. Hi Melissa, I'm enjoying your blog, and your experiment. We usually go to Sam's twice a month, WalMart twice a month (mostly for pharmacy, non-grocery stuff), and Aldi at least once a week.

    Just FYI, Aldi will have canned green chilies around Cinco de Mayo, so you can stock up. We use those all the time, so that's what I did.

    Happy shopping!

  5. Wow, thanks for the tip, JoEllen! I'll keep that in mind. Somehow I managed to find a can in the back of the pantry, yay!