Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh, no.....

Oh, no, I've become one of those blogs.

You know, like the blogs I mentioned way back in the beginning, in my introduction post, when I went on and on about how I disliked sporadic blogs, how they are kind of a let down, blah, blah, blah....


That is what seems to be happening here.

Let me (briefly) tell you what happened about 5 seconds after I hit "publish" on my last blog post...Annie, our yorkie poo, had puppies.  In our bed.  Well, that's where she started out.  Actually, she had a puppy while I was writing the post!!!!!!  Sadly, that little pup didn't make it...:(  But we do have three wriggling, squeaking, totally adorable puppies.  Anyway, since then, a kind of snowball effect has occurred, both literally and figuratively.  We've had tons of snow, cold, fever, throw-up, more fever, slobber, puke, puppies, and more....plenty for this mom to handle.  And sadly, the old blog has gone by the wayside.  But have no fear...

I'll be back soon.  I know, that's really reassuring, isn't it???


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  1. Melissa, I have several blogs out there in cyberspace and yet again I am going to start one and see if I can stick to it! At least yours has a theme, I'm just going to see where mine goes. :) I love your blog, keep it up when you can. You are a busy lady!